LA0BY/P - VHF activity from north-west Norway
LA0BY/P - VHF activity from north-west Norway

Termin: 11.07 - 17.07.2020 r.

Lokator: JP21MX-JP22MA

Pasma: 50-70-144

Aktywność: MS-TR

Change notice: Due to travel restrictions issued in course of the Covid-19
pandemic the activity cannot be performed as planned. In short, the
participants from DL will not be able to get to LA.

However, as I am based in Norway I will still go to the location and
operate in single-OP style on 144 MHz only. Note I will travel with family
and non-HAM friends, so the on-air time will be constrained to perhaps 1-2
days from each square. I guess I will probably operate MS early mornings
rather than evenings, but plan to monitor DX-Maps and adapt to any
propagation enhancements.

We hope that we will be able to perform the activity as a team and on
multiple bands in another year.

We are planning a trip to activate two rare squares in north-west Norway
this summer. The team will involve Horst DF9PX, Uli DK2BJ, Norbert DK5WO
and myself. We have rented a house in JP21MX, but intend to set up portable
stations in JP22MA and perhaps at another location in JP21MX (for 2 m).
From the house we will be QRV at least on 6 m and 4 m at all times, whereas
activity on 2 m may be limited to certain periods. We hope that at least
the hilltop locations will have good take-off over a wide azimuth range
(East over South to West). We will be on KST for more info and skeds during
the activity.

Some team members may be QRV also from other squares later.

73, Stefan (LA0BY)