Aleksander RW1AW - SK
Aleksander RW1AW - SK

On the night of October 29-30, 2020, the key of our colleague Alexander Eduardovich Boreisha RW1AW fell silent. All radio amateurs in Russia grieve over the death of our colleague.

I have fond memories of working Alex via the moon on many bands. But
most notable was our first EME efforts on 70cm over 20 years ago when we
both had fixed horizontal yagi arrays. Faraday was killing us. I could
always hear Alex on my moon set but he could not hear me. He could
always hear me on my moon rise, but I could not hear him. FRUSTRATING !

This went on for years. I remembered G3SEK's article where he said
Faraday was detrimental to international relations. I actually worried
about this based on Alex and my numerous failed attempts for our first

But once we both obtained large dishes with polarity rotation we finally
easily worked 569/569. We became friends on the moon and with emails,
even though we unfortunately never met in person. He sent me many
photos a few of which I decided to put on the web here:

Info z Moonnet nadesłał SP6GWN.